Councilmember Monica Arroyo joins in with a tree planting team in Bell, CA


Good Government, Economic Development and Fiscal Accountability 

Balanced the city budget maintained a 25% general fund reserve

Adopted Citywide Economic Development Plan

$2.9 Million Dollar Settlement with Lexington for the Shoe City Fire 

Increased the City’s Credit Rating from BBB+ to A

Conducted extensive citywide audit 

Created a new public works department

The Public Works Department provided infrastructure improvements 

     for residents and businesses 

New Farmer’s Market on Atlantic and Gage (Starts May 2024) 

Funded city vehicle replacement and facility improvements 

Completed the Florence Avenue & Sewer Improvement project

Negotiated new MOU with BCEA and unrepresented Employee Union Groups

Received a $120,000 grant for installation of 8 new EV Charging Stations

Created a new Commercial Business Facade Program

Approved new Community Survey

Hired a new Property Management Company

Approved Community Carnival with Bell Chamber of Commerce

Installed new HVACs at former Council Chambers

Repainted exterior of City Hall and Interior Walls

Created informational flyers for residents

Created a fund for saving for new vehicles and repairing city facilities

Planted over three hundred new trees

Adopted city mural policy

Adopted new marketing and branding strategy

Implemented new financial software for city

Public Safety and Recreation

$2 million congressional earmark for Pritchard Field Park

Approved a new Vehicle Replacement Program that added four new police vehicles, two new public works trucks, and a new fixed route bus

Installed sixty-one new speed bump locations 

New pedestrian crosswalk at Atlantic and Bell Avenue

Citywide LED Street Name Sign Replacement project. 

Increased citywide tree trimming with a new work plan that allows residents in all areas of the City to have tree trimming services each year 

Approved Street Improvement Project for Wilcox and Weik Avenue

Completed 90% Drawings for the Pritchard Field Project

Negotiated with LA County to approve a $3 million dollar renovation for Bell Library

$2 million dollars for City Facilities and City Park Improvements

Received a grant for increased  DUI Checkpoints

Approved the purchase of Heliotrope and Gage property for a Pocket Park

Provided more than 3 cubic yards of Free Sand Bags for resident  for Hurricane watch 

Completed new Lighting and Landscape and Benches at Biancini Park

Approved sixty new LED Stop Signs throughout the City

Ali Saleh Francis Flores Monica Arroyo for Bell City Council STRONGER TOGETHER!

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